How Can I Help You?

Does Therapy conjour up a variety of responses and feelings for you?

I understand that it can be a big decision to make that call or send that mail and one that you may just be tempted to keep putting off due to uncertainty. You will be received and accepted just as you are with all of your uncertain thoughts and feelings without judgment, we will work in collaboration  and I will do my best to provide you with a safe confidential and conducive environment from which you will be free to explore whatever is important to you.

My belief is that it has the potential to give you huge gains in your personal wellbeing. As you probably know GPs often refer patients to therapists too, they surely do this for good reason.

What client groups do you see?

Some of my clients are Teachers, Bankers, Doctors ,Students, Police Officers, Social Workers, Ex Military and more. It demonstrates that emotional and psychological wellbeing isn’t going so well for all kinds of individuals so you are certainly not alone.

How do you work then?

I draw on a blend of approaches in counselling which includes CBT(cognitive behavioural therapy) Person Centered and Psychodynamic, it means im an integrative therapist using what I feel is the most effective intervention in that moment for my client,it is a flexible useful approach and  informs my work to a great effect

Why do I feel like I do?

Sometimes these issues go way back or remain in the clients ‘blind spot’ repeating the same patterns, thinking in unhelpful ways that can affect your behaviours and emotional state. Clients can’t always figure out  why its happening or what to do about it so I am very pleased to be able to offer hope and help to those people.

But how do I know you are the right therapist for me?

The willingness and comfort of knowing you are ok to work with your Counsellor is very important as it will be our relationship that will form the platform from which we will begin our work together.You will know once we have met,maybe even before that.

What do I do next?

After your initial free telephone consultation with me we agree if you want to book an initial assessment session which is 50 minutes duration. We will discuss what brings you into counselling, I then explain how we will work and cover how I work from an ethical standpoint and to manage and understand your expectations of counselling too.

I offer unlimited therapy which means you can leave when the time is right for you, there is no obligation.  I would add however that if this is ever your intention then to let me know in time so that we can try bring your therapy to a safe ending without you stopping suddenly.

Has that helped a little?

As a professional practitioner of Counselling and Psychotherapy I am somebody who really cares about listening to you, somebody who will take great pride and care in helping you understand your thoughts and feelings maybe a little clearer than you are able to do for yourself right now and together we may just be able to help you find a way to change the way you live your life forever more.

A big statement to make, some describe this is what counselling has done for them.



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Understanding is the First Step to a Better Life

Once I understood how therapy worked and how I could use it, it changed my world. After a crippling episode of depression in college where I was unable to sleep for four days, therapy helped me stay in college, work on my symptoms and develop beliefs that improved my social and romantic life.

Because I didn’t read something like this, my parents had to push through my stubbornness and convince me to go. But once you know what it’s actually like, there is one less thing holding you back. You can be a stubborn 20-year-old like I was or a wise 40-year-old who is sceptical of therapy. Either way, it’s never too late.


I am a Registered Member with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). The largest of its type in the UK and am also a member of the Association for Coaching and BACP Coaching and Workplace. I currently have professional liability insurance and I undergo regular clinical Supervision and Continuing Professional Development in line with the BACP requirements.