How does this help me?

How does Therapy help me?

The process of sharing how you feel with another has long been known to ‘lighten the load somewhat ’ (a problem shared is a problem halved for some).

This is taken to the next level by speaking to a highly skilled and experienced professional who listens actively at numerous levels.

My role is to facilitate an environment whereby you have time and space to speak freely without judgement or criticism and really uncover what is going on for you.

We work together towards a shared understanding and discuss alternative ways of working with your issues.

I am a little nervous

It may feel unsettling to consider speaking with another about your inner most issues, this is normal and why also building a good working alliance has been proven to be one of the most important factors in most therapies, assisting clients to better outcomes.

More about how I work

I integrate three main approaches Psychodynamic Pscyhotherapy, Person Centred Therapy and CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. I can explain more about these if need be however most clients simply want my help and are not always interested in understanding the mechanics of the approach used.

Why three you may ask?

Each offers a different way of helping clients, my experience confirms that being able to adapt to a clients changing needs is essential and as we are all different it affords flexibility so as to closely align the best approach in that moment, you need not worry about this as I will be guided by what you present.

It includes understanding conscious and unconscious processes, previous years right up to now, indentifying your thought processes and behavioural patterns and showing you other ways of thinking if we agree it is problematic, as mentioned we will also focus on our connection together as this is central to our work.

So what next then?

Whether you are completely new to therapy or not I have made it really simple for you to move forward.

Just make contact using button below and when I receive your contact information you will be invited along for a free 15 minute call to see if you are ok with working with me.

There is no further obligation, if it isn’t right for you do not continue.

What could you have to lose?  This may be the beginning of a new you!

Understanding is the First Step to a Better Life

Once I understood how therapy worked and how I could use it, it changed my world. After a crippling episode of depression in college where I was unable to sleep for four days, therapy helped me stay in college, work on my symptoms and develop beliefs that improved my social and romantic life.

Because I didn’t read something like this, my parents had to push through my stubbornness and convince me to go. But once you know what it’s actually like, there is one less thing holding you back. You can be a stubborn 20-year-old like I was or a wise 40-year-old who is sceptical of therapy. Either way, it’s never too late.

I am a Accredited Registered Member with the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). The largest of its type in the UK and am also a member of the Association for Coaching and BACP Coaching and Workplace. I currently have professional liability insurance and I undergo regular clinical Supervision and Continuing Professional Development in line with the BACP requirements.